Are You A Corporate Hippie by Justine's Definition?

Corporate Hippies are peacemakers. They are connecters, they are movement drivers, they are people that see their passion deeply connected to their company's agenda. People who see the opportunity to use their careers as both a way to drive personal happiness and company success.

Urban Dictionary defines a corporate hippie as a person who embraces the "hippie" attitude (peace, love, understanding, diversity, non-violence, the greater good, environmental awareness, etc.) but is fully integrated into the corporate world. Corporate hippies seek to prove that social awareness and the private sector can coexist.

Justine's Definition:

A person who successfully impacts their company by living and working authentically and passionately, seeing their job and title as a means to furthering both company profit and societal success and personal  happiness. They are peacemakers, connectors, and movement ignitors embracing the unconventional while building purpose and value into the company brand.

About Justine

Justine realized she was a Corporate Hippie when she felt comfortable bringing her true self to work and stopped worrying about how she would be perceived by others in the room.

"I believe that the emerging workforce, and all of us, are really on a search for corporate hippisism and I believe this is a movement that's going to take hold in 2020"

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